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February 1st, 2008 (05:12 pm)

Last night I saw Han Bennink & Armen Nalbandian at Fresno Art.  Bennick, this white-haired, meek-looking gentleman, walked out and immediately started conceptually and very loudly rocking on his lovely mismatched-on-purpose green kit.  At one point, he had  one drumstick in his mouth and was banging on it with the other, and then he got up and sat on the floor in the middle of the stage and started drumming on the floor and on his shoes and on the steps, (which was my very favorite part).  He's on youtube, though none of the first ten videos that I watched last night once I got home really conveyed what happened last night.  He was really neat to watch.
After the performance, I spoke with him briefly; he kept calling me 'sweetie pie,' and he signed my program with 'lots of luv, hal. It was adorable.
In other news, I've been spending at least one hour every day singing along to Patsy Cline, most often while driving.  It is an excellent way to avoid and counteract stress and sadness and the monotony of errors like fatal 7: invalid/duplicate key file,rec.  She is comforting when very little else is. 
Tonight Chesca & I are going out for tapas, mojitos, and jazz (courtesy of fresno state students).  We both giggled over ideas like 'adult time' and 'girls night out'--it really has been too long since she and I have had one of these evenings, and I am ridiculously excited. 
The rest of the weekend will mostly be homework, though, which is much less exciting.  I've determined that not even all of the music theory nerds I have ever known stuck in one room could help me learn what I need to know for that jazz class.  It is just not processing.  I love that my 'fun' class is the one that I am struggling with the most.  The plan is to lock myself in my bedroom with apple juice, baby carrots, the textbook and demo cds, and the uncollated version of enthralled 1.5 (what i would tell the 18 year old bre) and not come out until the finished zines are stacked neatly and I actually feel like I have a grasp on everything that we've covered this month.  Hopefully I make it out without my brain turning to mush.  Pray for me.