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rollerskate jams

April 25th, 2008 (07:13 pm)

britt and i went to the clovis rodeo yesterday and it was waaay fun.  next weekend i drive her down to l.a. so she can jump on a plane up to her great alaskan wilderness and b&b job and hunter/trapper boyfriend.  when i asked, who is going to take me to the rodeo and tell me to use inside voices after i've drank a little too much while giggling at cowboys?--she answered, the rodeo doesn't come until april.  and i'll see her again in october.

the tenth month is far, though, i suppose i will be able to stay busy with school and my renewed desire to make interesting things with my hand.  oh, and wii harvest moon!  i preordered it with jerr so that's full of excitement.  i preordered wii fit today, too.  good times.

anyways.  back to le tigre and homework.  you kids take care.