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five minutes from this very second.

tabletops and legends and romance

Balance. In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are. --Ovid

Capacity. The full spectrum is what this girl is after, simple as that.

Composition. In the early eighties, from two longhaired Scorpions fans came a spark, and from that, a little girl with a long name. Add twenty-two years, six cities in three different states, a dazzling little sister, a host of library cards, a collection of 80s rock albums, boxes full of crafty supplies, and a proclivity for organization, and you have.. something that likes to uses lists to explain, letting the human reading said list draw their own conclusions, if that is what they are in to these days.

Form. Currently I find myself in the medical field from eight to five. Beyond that, I hold many treasured roles and loves and passions; ask after them if you’re so inclined.

Luster. A strong conviction in humanity and the ubiquitous specialness it holds, which translates down by way of word and action and thought. Comfort in knowing that Everything That Matters will eventually trickle to where it needs to be. A universal interest in persons crossing my figurative doorstep.

Movement. Zine(s) in progress continuously (if you're looking for older issues, drop me an email). 50bookchallenge(book list here) & embodiment. I like projects.

Pattern. Greys & greens. Sleeping late. Schedules. Buying new journals and never using them because they are too sweet-looking—I usually just use plain ol’ spiralbound notebooks.

Repetition. I try to wiki on random article every day, time and outside influences permitting. Day one of the month means I can only hit ‘random’ once; day eighteen means I have eighteen clicks to find an article of interest. The last few months can be found here.

Value. Send me stuff, and I’ll send back to you! I’m thrilled with mail: long-winded letters on your current state of life, books, ATCS (oh yes I will love you for all time), zines, sanrio goodies, scraps of paper upon which timeless ideas are scribbled. It drives me wild.

BK / abstracted
PO Box 27466
Fresno CA 93729-7466

"ba kkwo", arcade logic, bedrooms and workspaces, big beds, conair/hackers/thefifthelement/streetfighter, cpt-4, cranberry juice, daft punk, dream theater, earthbound, grief counseling, handwriting, icd-9, kev=best, lists, logic, making zines, medical terminology, my twinzor, mythology, nineties music, office supplies, organization, procedure coding, routines, rush, sacajawea, sex positivity, silly minute-long drawings, slight reactions, the first 48, the sensation of touch, to be thrilled, trying, van halen, whypeopleactthewaytheyact